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Who are you people?

We’re a bunch of dedicated locals eager to bring the world of athletics to the Surf Coast!

Why? We believe there is so much to gain from participating in Little Athletics as individuals, families and as a community.

In addition, there is so much sporting talent and natural ability in the region… we may even have a future Olympian amongst us!

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Meet Ellie Pashley

Why do you think Little Athletics is great?2021-11-17T15:09:50+11:00

Little Athletics is such a fun for kids to develop skills required for all sports. The thrill you get from running, jumping and throwing as fast and far as you can is something I still remember 25 years on from doing Little Aths.

What is your best sporting memory?2021-11-17T15:10:11+11:00

Running down the finishing straight in the marathon at the Tokyo Olympics.

Who is your sports hero and why?2021-11-17T15:10:11+11:00

I don’t have one in particular, but I’m fascinated by people who’ve been able to continue competing at the highest level in difficult sports into their late 30s and 40s — like Kelly Slater, Tom Brady, Sinead Diver and LeBron James.

What occupies your thoughts during your many hours of training?2021-11-17T15:10:11+11:00

A lot of different things. Sometimes I zone out, other times if I’m struggling for motivation I try to envisage being in a race as opposed to a boring one-hour solo run.

A few of Ellie’s favourite things2022-09-09T20:29:21+10:00
Favourite Training

Long, slow marathon sessions

Favourite Food before a race

Pasta with tomato-based sauce

Favourite Band


Favourite Movie

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Meet Ellie Pashley

Ellie Pashley is an Australian Olympic Athlete who has had significant success over the 10,000m, Half and Full Marathon distance events. Most recently she represented Australia at the Tokyo Olympics and finished in 23rd place.

Ellie is a local hero who lives in Aireys Inlet. She works as a physio at Offshore Physiotherapy in Torquay and coaches for Runstrong Online Coaching. Her involvement in the sport started through participating in Little Athletics in Albury.

Ellie loves living and running by the coast because we have some of the best running trails in Australia! Locals will see her blazing the trails at Aireys Inlet, Anglesea and Torquay regularly.

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